Addiction is a hole of lack; something is missing.
I must do, have or be more.
In this pit of sadness and remorse, I am never enough.
Never reached and never understood.
Separation is pain; an ache of the soul.
Longing for something to soothe the wounds of fear
In isolation, so no other knows. the vice taunts, tempts,
and haunts me by promising to  numb the pain.
It seems to work, so I fight for more but, it always
drops me deeper into misery and isolation again!
Disguised as comfort, she calls like a siren;  promising
relief but, leaving more scars.
This stealthy ally which I once thought helped me
through, was always an enemy who easily conquered
me as her fool.
The Truth is a light in this darkness, shining on my evil
It reveals I was hypnotized, in a trance, only seemingly
under her control.
It began in a moment of discontent, when I searched
outside  for answers only found within.
When confused by the shadows I somehow fell in.
But wait!  There is no hole – nothing missing – no more
to do, say or be.
I was simply disconnected by the vice.
I do have the strength to make it just for today.
This journey of life is not to be taken alone some
burdens are meant be shared.
I must be humble -simply ask and the strength is mine.
When willing, I am set free of my cares.
Some shadows are tricky – my foe wants me back.
Disguised and cunning – yet comfortable and appealing.
I forget who she is and fall to her poison again!
But this time is different – I remember the Light…
Addiction is no friend and I no longer her fool.
No longer depleting who I am.

I choose Truth;

and just for this day,

I am saved again!


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