Everything Was Nothing

Confusion reigns across her face,
as she finds her resting place.
Torn asunder her mind is now,
a furrow of sorrow across her brow.
Words of hate, he speculates,
as she sits and ponders fate.
They crash against her, day and night
bringing sadness with their flight.
Hints and lashes of painful gashes,
call out to her as evil lashes.

As his words no longer hide,
deep inside her troubled mind.
He’s released her from the past,
broken hearted, no longer masked.
She gives in to the pain,
and allows her tears to fall like rain.
Coursing down her saddened face,
no longer guessing about that space.
The space she thought he had for her,
no longer there, goes undisturbed.
Closing the door on that little room,
the one he found and then consumed.
He’s moved ahead, and left her there.
While she tries not to stare.


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