Our Chance Came Way Too Late

It started out so simple
Innocent and sweet
Lies where spoken
Hearts were broken
All we refused to see
A year gone by
A jumbled mess
The love to break my heart
Was it you or was it me
Who broke our love apart
Promises you spoke
Forever by my side
Words I never spoke
All I felt I had to hide
Was it not strong enough?
Maybe just too strong
Can no longer deal with this love
It seems our game is done
Can you smile at the memories?
We had a lot of fun
But in the end it seems this game
Only carries those who won
I will love you forever
even if you leave now
I will remember all the good times
Even through this dulled cloud
I will love you always
As you were back then
When forever never worked
But I knew you were my friend
I wont forget the memories
Or the strength you helped create
When forever came too soon
But our chance came way too late…


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