Reality is heavy
Duty is steep
Tell me a story
To help me sleep
It doesn’t need a hero
A middle or an end
Just start with the words
And let us begin
Give me fear
And hate and pain
Sometimes, crying
Releases the strain
Make me laugh
And dance and sing
Get lost in the music
Forget every damn thing
Give me love
Passion that endures
If only for one night
Whisper, “I’m yours”
Strip me bare
Touch my skin
Discover each crevice
Dive deep within
Lie if you must
A tale is a tale
The bigger the better
The larger the sale
Where angels and demons
Share their fame
There is no rhyme or reason
Nor need to explain
Make me a fantasy
Give me a dream
A vision with no lesson
Pushed to the extreme
You are the artist
Your brush please lift
Paint me different
This is your gift
My eyes grow so weary
My heart turns to stone
My dreams are so distant
Now that I’m grown
But you can tell me a story
They help me to cope
They make me remember
That I once had hope.


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