START THE WEEK with Martin Gicheha
Take a Chill Pill Please. No one has ever choked to death for swallowing their pride no matter how big it was. Pride is a proud word that needs to be spelt in capital letters even in the middle of a sentence. Pride makes a baobab feel like it is the greatest tree that couldn’t fit in a forest but had to be planted in the vast desert. It makes a cloud feel like humans are under its masses. Pride just makes one feel like anything to everything and anyone to everyone should better recognize; it makes them feel like the
foundation and the roof at the same time.

Generally speaking, PRIDE is the hugest word that the alphabet gave birth to and it continues growing into a giant, whenever given a chance. Let me demystify the word pride—PR-I-DE. PR it the presentation of the appearance to an audience; good PR presents everything right about something
leaving nothing untold about the goodness of the thing. It makes something worthy of notice, it is all about the public image. Pride makes somebody be more cognitive about their image; presenting worth that yearns for recognition. There is huge desire for anything that
comes their way to sing of their value as greatest ever. Pride will force you to discredit others and hammer it into you that everything that has breath should bow before you. Moreover, I can state that pride is a collaboration of an achievement, over-caressed ego and forced personality that is not ready to leave the stage any sooner.
The I in ‘prIde’ in its simplest form refers to self. Pride focuses all attention to only one; if it is not my way then it’s no way. Anything that is painted self all over screams aloud pride. Therefore, the most effective measure of pride is how self is overstated in anything that is happening. Anybody who is all about me, myself and I is the most dangerous individual to hang around. ‘I’ in the word PRIDE stands at the center and that’s how pride operates; it focuses all the attention to just I.

DE- in the modern language ‘de’ is used to mean ‘the’. Whenever ‘the’ is used in the English language in an emphasized manner, it refers to the most important or best known in that category. Pride has a way of making one feel they are the most important element beneath the sun. It projects the notion that ‘after me there is none’; making one the point of reference.

The best weapon of self-destruction among humanity is pride. Before you let pride have its way, know that, no matter how much your salary is, it could be someone’s single lunch. No matter the price and brand of your clothing, it could be somebody’s rag. No matter how many followers you have, remember, carcasses also attract masses. Pride can never have a seat if you don’t invite it there. So please take a chill pill and swallow your pride before it swallows you. May your week be full of humility in every way, from Martin


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