My Only Regret.

I got the news today
I overheard you say
The good things about your new love
It made me really sad
About what we could have had
Of all of the things I wanted to do and say
But you’re not the one to blame
I’m the one who is ashamed
Cause I never really let you know
How it is that you made me feel
Seeing you lifts my spirits
Seeing you makes me happy
Seeing you makes me feel good about myself
But that’s all over now
Cause I missed my chance
To begin our romance
Now all I’m left with is a reminder
Of a missed opportunity
Love has eluded me yet again
Hopefully that day will come
When I shall be ‘the one’
To be embraced by loves soft touch
So I wait for the day
When I will be able to seize the moment
Not miss my opportunity
So I can hear him say
I love you.


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