God Send Me A Man!

Please God send me a man.
Someone strong to hold me, love me, scold me.
A modern day hero,
Somebody to fight for me, die for me, live for me.

I check my phone.
Waiting for the ring, the message, the text.
Will he contact me?
Look at email; log in gmail.
Have to start over again.

I am tired of meetings, first dates; last dates.
Hearing lots of promises.
Making the first contact; the first joke; the first lie.

There must be men out there.
Hiding in houses, penthouse apartments, rented bedsits.
They must be looking for a woman.
A real loving woman, filled with honesty, with trust.

I need an old fashioned man.
One whose word is his bond; his gospel, his oath.
I want a fascinating man.
Preferably with dark hair, sparkling eyes, kissable

So God send me a man.
Someone I can respect, look up to, laugh with not at.
I need a soul mate.
Who will value me, adore me.

Failing all that God, send me a cat…



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