My Intended

It wasn’t how he held my hand
the look upon his face
the way his body moved toward mine
relentless in his pace

It wasn’t in his longing stare
his eyes alight on fire
the way he looked into my soul
and laid me on our pyre

It wasn’t how he breathed my name
each syllable his life
or how his heart called out to mine
across the lonely night

It wasn’t in the shadowed sky
the clouds, the stars, the moon
or in the blazing light of day
our heat that made me swoon

It wasn’t when or why or how
the words, the dance, the song
the conversations in the night
the writhing waiting long

It wasn’t with reluctant love
the way we fell so fast
or how he held me from the fall
and promised it would last
I’ll never understand the why
all reason thought suspended
our love was simply meant to be
just as the fates Intended


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