There is a yearning inside my heart;
To let down the walls, to be close
to someone, and to be touched on every
I yearn to be held at night in
a pair of strong arms,
to feel those arms around me in comfort and love.
I yearn to feel the beating
of another heart beneath my ear.

I yearn for a shoulder to cry on when needed,
The same one I want to taste and bite.
I yearn to feel His hands on me,loving me,
Comforting and disciplining.
I yearn to hold His hands when He feels low,
And help Him get back on His feet.
The yearning to share, to love, to give.
They all burn deep in my being.
Knowing that I need, and it’s okay.
Knowing that I am needed just as much.
Yearning to just BE.
I yearn to find the one I was meant to be for.


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