In My Head.

I’ve often wondered, if given the opportunity to have any supernatural power I want what would I choose? The answer keeps changing every time I think about it. From the vain ones like to have eternal youth and flawless beauty, to the lots of money and world peace etc but as I continue to mature I realize my answers are becoming quite different. FYI as at now my answer would be to read peoples minds, something I can switch on and switch off when I want to of course. Can you imagine being in busy city hearing every ones thoughts? smh.

And if a genie granted me three wishes? (With pretty much the same conditions as in Alladin) Would I wish for the same things I wished for when I was younger? Definitely not! My friend told me that human beings will never be satisfied with what they have, which I completely agree with and then my dad told me something to the effect of ‘As human beings we seek the maximum pleasures from the least amount of effort.’ I know.

Now back to the wishes, I would choose mind reading and precognition and probably save that last wish to change everything back to normal if it all becomes too much for me. 🙂

Thanks for reading


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